Please submit your nominations for the 2017 Ammys below. All nominee fields are optional, self-nominations are accepted and encouraged, and if you would like, please include any explanations for your nominations.
Hall of Fame inductees are recognized for their outstanding long-term contribution to the MLP industry. Nominees need neither be living nor active, nor even active in their current position.
Nominations will close on December 23, 2016. Finalists will be announced on January 5, 2017 with voting to follow in select categories.

CEO, President, and/or Chairman
Sell-Side Equity or Debt Analyst
Investment Banker or Syndicate Banker
Public Equity Manager or Private Equity Investor
Announced During 2016
Announced During 2016
Must Be in Service During 2016. Can include expansions and reversals.
Awarded to a Journalist
Specify Analyst, Company, and Headline
Specify Individual, Date, and Source